Live an unique experience with the «TRADITIONS» Show and enjoy the best Purebred Spanish Horses, World Champions

For the fourth consecutive year the Yeguada Torreluna proclaimed World Champion of Purebred Spanish Horses in SICAB 2023


Every thursday and alternate saturdays
Visit: 11:00h
Show: 12:00h


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Visit to Torreluna Stud Farm
"The Story of a Champion"

Tuesday to Friday
11:00 AM

TRADITIONS Show for groups (min. 25 people)
Upon request

(contact us for details)

If you want the complete experience (Tour+Show), your guide will be waiting for you at 10:30 AM. The tour starts at 11:00 AM.

At Evenhorse, your dreams take the reins.

On the stage, a brilliant display,
EVENHORSE shows their elegant way.
TRADITIONS, the name that defines,
A journey through our joyous lines.

The horses dance with grace and skill,
To the rhythm of customs, a thrilling thrill.
Carnival and Holy Week intertwine,
A captivating spectacle, oh so fine.

The’s land presence makes itself known,
With casetas, joy, and a jubilant tone.
A journey through El Rocío, grand and unique,
Where horses take us to a dreamlike peak.

By bulerías, horses unfold,
With strength and passion, their souls they hold.
The rooted dressage of our land,
Shows their sincere essence, oh so grand.

For sixty about minutes, it unfolds,
Andalusian folklore, a story untold.

Disciplines of dressage, traditions so true,
Andalusia and horses, in a celestial hue.

EVENHORSE shows us how to live,
Our customs, our roots, we gladly give.
With Pure Spanish Breed horses in our sight,
A majestic blend, a pure delight.

TRADITIONS, a spectacle that stirs,
With every gallop, every step that occurs.
A showcase of love for the genuine,
For our traditions, authentic and pristine.

This is the new show by EVENHORSE,
A gift for the soul, a journey with force.
Where the magic of Andalusia and horses combine,
In TRADITIONS, a spectacle that makes us shine.

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What will you see in this show?

Mare in Freedom

Meet a mare in her natural state, enjoying her freedom. Witness her majesty and noble character.

Foals and Their Mothers

Marvel at the unique bond created between the foals and their mothers, witnessing the beauty of their connection, filled with tenderness and mutual care.

Doma Vaquera (Spanish Vaquera Dressage)

This impressive demonstration in which the rider leads the horse around the arena using only one hand to control the reins.

Classical Dressage

The horses perform advanced riding exercises, all in perfect harmony with the accompanying music.

Sevillanas Dance

An extraordinary representation of horses dancing to Sevillanas with a perfect rhythm. «Toma que toma!»

Working Equitation

Obstacle, handling and speed tests. A speciality that will surprise you with the behaviour and handling of the horse.

High School Dressage

Fall in love with the elegance and sobriety of the fundamental principles of Classical Dressage taken to a higher level.

Hand Work

In this beautiful exercise, the horses are guided by their rider with reins «by hand». The exercises stem from ancient horsemanship.


HIGHLIGHT of this exhibition, where horses and riders work in perfect harmony and synchronization in the arena.

We create emotions.

mick valerius
mick valerius
This was a real "bucket list" experience for me. I don't ride or even know that much about horses but have always loved them ever since I was a little boy and had always wanted to see Andalusian Horses live. The tour and show were just spectacular and we were shown so much and had everything explained by such knowledgeable people. You could feel the passion all around the place and the horses all seemed so happy and placid ..... even the big boys 😀 I can not recommend this place enough....everyone who visits Sevilla should visit Evenhorse. It was a wonderful experience.
Michele Thornton
Michele Thornton
I have seen a LOT of Equine displays over my life but this one was full of happy horses living their best lives in a stunning facility. The interaction that was allowed between the horses and ourselves was the icing on the cake. This is a 'must visit' experience for anyone with even a tiny interest in horses. If you have good equine experience you will find the entire visit a wonderful combination of knowledge and passion for the PRE horse. I can't wait to go again!
Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez
Excelente experiencia, Rosa y el equipo de EvenHorse fueron muy amables y las visita nos encantó. Mis hijos y esposa la disfrutamos mucho. La recomiendo.
Rita Rodríguez
Rita Rodríguez
La experiencia ha sido maravillosa, la amabilidad y la organización estupenda, no faltaba ningún detalle. La visita es muy bonita, te cuentan cómo empezó la yeguada y te muestran todos sus rincones. El espectáculo es un sueño, muy emotivo. Muchas gracias por hacer esta experiencia tan bonita. Volveré pronto.

Immerse yourself in the intangible.

Evenhorse takes great care in every show, with the musical repertoire, Andalusian World Champion horses, the uniformity of our professional riders, ensuring an unique experience in every performance.

Choose your show and make your event unique.

If you are interested in bringing our dressage passes to your event, please email us at info@evenhorse.es or contact us by phone for a quote.


Address: Torreluna Stud Farm, Carmona, Spain. 5 minutes from Seville Airport Phone: (+34) 697 64 65 68


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